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Our Community

Listen to stories of the past present and future, voiced by our local community

Nature, Heritage and Culture Connect

The people of our past make us who we are today.

The next chapter has started and everyone is part of it.

Accrington’s Heritage Led Future

Accrington’s future will build on the rich history and heritage of the local community, as we look towards a sustainable future – ready for the next generation.

Hyndburn’s First Alumni Event

In early 2024 Hyndburn hosted its first Alumni event, inviting people who have made a huge impact in their industries to hear about plans for Accrington and have their input on the next future vision.

Alumni Panel Presentations

Listen to all four panel talks in full, from Hyndburn’s 2024 Alumni event

BLAST October 2024

Accrington Town Square was alive with drums, fireworks and music for the first ever UK performance of BLAST in October 2023. Watch the video to learn more!

Connecting Cultures June 2023

Connecting Cultures took place inside Accrington Market Hall (24 June 2023) to make the end of National Refugee Week, where people across the country come together to share cultures and experiences.

Artists from Accrington

Julie Hesmondhalgh, Actor, explains her thoughts on the rich history of international artists being created in Accrington and Hyndburn.

Industrial Revolution

Pioneers and inventions that changed the world. Hear from Richard Hooper about why Accrington was the crucible of the textile revolution and why it’s important to learn about the past for a prosperous future.

The Madder Plant

Have you heard of the Madder plant? Just one of the inventions that has travelled the world since its beginnings in Accrington. Hear from Cath Holmes, Chair of Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum, who explains it’s importance and role in the textile revolution.

Tiffany Glass collection

How did Accrington come to own the largest collection of Tiffany Glass in Europe? Gillian Berry explains the history behind the world famous collection and why it’s important we learn about our local heritage.

The Accrington Pals

Cath Holmes, daughter of Pals Historian Walter Holmes, explains the importance of remembering those who have fallen and the connections forged within the local community today.

Historic England visit Accrington

Hyndburn hosted a second visit to the borough from Historic England’s ‘Historic Places Panel’ in 2023. The day included meeting leaders, members of the community, a tour of Accrington and a visit to Raza Jamia Masjid.