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Hyndburn Borough Council is delighted to announce the overwhelming success of a recent visit by our esteemed market traders to view their custom-made cabins.

The traders expressed unanimous satisfaction, noting that the cabins surpassed their expectations and have left them feeling relieved and excited about the upcoming temporary market plans.

Happy Cluckers, renowned for their quality egg stall, conveyed their happiness with the set-up and the accommodations provided. Happy Cluckers shared, ” We really happy with the set up and how much of our needs are being accommodated, opening my stall will be so easy bring on the relocation.”

One of the highlights of the feedback came from Bubbles Star, a popular toy shop in Accrington Market. The Toy shop owner expressed their excitement about the custom-made cabins, stating, “The units are bigger than what we have its been a wonderful surprise, we are excited to move.”

The positive sentiments from both Happy Cluckers and Bubbles Star reflect the concerted efforts made by Hyndburn Borough Council to ensure the market traders’ needs are not only met but exceeded.

Accrington Town Square, with the custom-made cabins, will serve as a hub for local businesses, providing residents and visitors alike with a unique shopping experience.

The Council is confident that the finalised layout will contribute to the success of the temporary market plans. The decision to place the cabins outside the market hall was made with careful consideration of both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that the market traders have optimal visibility and accessibility.