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Calling All Social Value Champions

As work on the Levelling Up Funded Accrington Town Square projects continues the team are keen to hear ideas about how the projects, which include the redevelopment of the Market Hall, Burtons Chambers, and repair of Market Chambers, can benefit everyone in Accrington and the wider Hyndburn area.

Social Value & Stakeholder Manager, Kelly Godfrey explains:

‘We believe that collaboration is the key to achieving lasting impact. We are calling upon all social value driven organisations, including charities, community interest groups, local enterprises, and stakeholders, to join with us and help shape the future of Accrington. Your expertise, passion, and dedication are the driving forces behind this transformative journey and key to its success.

‘Through the projects we aim to co-create innovative solutions that address as many of the most pressing needs of Accrington’s community as we can. By working together, we can design programmes that empower local residents, provide access to essential services, nurture talent, and foster sustainable economic growth.

‘This initiative embodies our shared commitment to creating a stronger, more vibrant, and inclusive Accrington for all.  We already have some great ideas – from ways to ensure local businesses can get involved to providing opportunities for training and employment to linking up with local charities and third sector organisations to support their goals – but we are keen to make sure we’ve heard everyone’s thoughts over the next few weeks so we can pull them together and report back on the first initiatives planned’. 

We need you to share your insights, knowledge and expertise and help shape and develop our plans together. If you have any thoughts about how the projects can make a difference, email by September 16th so we can take your ideas on board.